Combat 'Mom Brain' With These Must-Haves

The dreaded “mom brain”: The inability to remember literally anything if you don’t write it down immediately after being told, the confusion of arriving to a party the day before the party is actually taking place, the insanity of being an hour away from home and seriously considering driving back home because you’re just not quite sure if you turned your curling iron off. If you have kids, then you know. Every mom wants to figure out how to be an organized mom — and it is so, so easier said than done.

We get it, keeping your and your kids’ lives in relative order is a full-time job. If it feels like a total shit show, that’s because it is. One person’s brain isn’t made for all that, and as a result, it sometimes malfunctions. (Anyone else suffer from the ability to remember all the lyrics to every Spice Girls song but can’t remember your address? No? All right, then.) But not to fear; there is an antidote! We’ve rounded up a handful of must-have funny and useful items for combatting mom brain to help parents keep their shit together. Because let’s be real; nobody has any idea what their doing. These products will help (or at least help you laugh through the pain).

Bluetooth key/phone finders

Whoever invented this deserves a medal. The equivalent of Marco Polo with an inanimate object, these Bluetooth key or phone finders make spending an hour looking between the couch cushions a thing of the past. With a 300-foot radius, water resistance and a yearlong battery life, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of emailing everyone you know demanding they call your phone because it’s somewhere in your bed and you can’t find it. Or is that just our moms?

Tile (two-pack), $59.99 at Amazon


You have too much shit going on in your life not to have one of’s gorgeous planners at the ready. Aside from being the prettiest planner out there,’s planners include stickers, coloring pages, pockets, color-coded tabs and a notes section. What more could you ask for? Google Calendar’s got nothing on these beauties. 13-month planner (medium), $49.99 at Amazon

Helpful doormat

This is for those of us who need a little extra reminder before we leave the house. (Are you wearing pants? Did you forget a child? That kind of thing.) This doormat is there to offer you a last-minute checklist before you head out the door.

Reminder doormat, $19.99 at Amazon

Stylish sticky notes

If you’re one of those people who has a thousand sticky notes littered over every surface in your house, why not upgrade to some sophisticated and stylish ones? These nature-themed sticky notes come in four styles — geometric mountain scenes, leaves, potted succulents and cacti — so you can assign each child a specific pack or mix and match to your heart’s content. Either way, it will definitely be an improvement over the neon squares of yore.

Nature-themed sticky note set, $8.99 at Amazon

Herbal supplements for better brain function

Everyone’s brain deserves some help. This supplement has 14 focus-boosting vitamins and minerals for mood support and anxiety relief. Genius Joy was meant to be a cheat code for finding yourself and helps focus, energy, wellness and cognition. It also has vitamins like B12 and D to increase energy and mental clarity. Because let’s face it, your brain could use all the help it can get, and these capsules are just the thing.

Genius Joy (100-pill canister), $59.99 at Amazon

Sleep mask

Good brain function depends heavily on getting enough sleep, and when you have kids, sleep is the first thing to go out the window. But there are certain things you can do to help yourself out, like wearing a sleep mask that blocks out all ambient light. This silk sleep mask does the trick, and if you can add a few drops of an essential oil blend specifically designed for sleep aid, you’ll be drifting off to slumberland in no time.

Adjustable silk sleep mask (four colors available), $12.99 at Amazon

Chore chart




If you’re trying to remember all your kids activities, who’s done their homework, who needs their lunch and who hasn’t bathed in three days, guess what. You’re going to miss some things. Delegate! Let your kids take some responsibility for themselves. If you nurture their independence, not only will there be less for you to remember, but it will teach them they need to be on top of their own shit. We’re not suggesting you demand your toddler change themselves (wouldn’t that be nice?), but if your kids are old enough, giving them each a chore chart keeps them focused on the tasks at hand and allows them more self-sufficiency. Don’t make things harder for yourself than they need to be.

Magnetic chore chart (chalkboard design) with dry-erase markers, $19.99 at Amazon

Travel coffee maker

When in doubt, coffee. If you’re running out the door and haven’t had time to make your life-sustaining goodness, don’t fret. This portable coffee maker is small, lightweight and hand-operated, so no N2O cartridges, electricity or compressed air. Just delicious, smooth coffee on the go, so if you’re late for pickup or late for drop off, you can still have your morning cup of joe.

Wacaco Minipresso travel coffee maker, $49 at Amazon

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