Exclusive: Meghan Trainor Shares the Sweet Reason She Has No 'Rules’ When Playing With Son Riley

If the Play-Doh colors don’t get all mixed together and the crayons stay sharp (and unbroken) and the kids’ hands remain clean after playtime, then one question remains — did anyone have any fun? Kids are hard-wired to get messy and do things their own way, something that Meghan Trainor is definitely embracing with her son Riley, 1, whom she shares with husband Daryl Sabara. The “Bad for Me” singer tells SheKnows that she has “no rules” during playtime.

While Trainor may be more of a keep-every-LEGO-set-together type of person, as a mom, she encourages more of a throw-away-the-instructions vibe instead. “I love following instructions, but we don’t have rules when we play,” Trainor tells SheKnows from the new LEGO DOTS Aesthetics Experience pop-up at The Grove in Los Angeles on August 25. “We start building the set, but then let the creativity flow! That’s one of the reasons why I love LEGO DOTS — you can totally do your own thing with it!”


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Sensory play helps kids develop language and motor skills, cognitive growth, experimentation, and more. And LEGO DOTS are another type of explorative adventure, which Trainor says she’s currently “obsessed” with.

“There’s so much you can do with them, and I love the freedom to express yourself any way you want with the message boards and patches and all the cool décor things,” she says. “You can create whatever design fits your mood or current aesthetic, then change it up the next day.”

Trainor takes playtime seriously, following her therapist’s advice. “My therapist taught me that when I am with my kid, to be totally present in that moment,” she says. “The best time to do that is when he is playing, and I love to join in on that with him.”

She’s not the only one who still loves playing with toys. Her husband is just as “goofy” as she is. When asked who’s more of a “kid at heart,” her or the Spy Kids star, she responds, “That’s tough — we both like to have fun and are super goofy together and with our son.

“But ultimately, I think Daryl is more of a kid at heart,” she adds. “He is an amazing dad and I love watching him play with Riley. No one makes him laugh harder than his dad!”

The “All About That Bass” singer, whose fourth album, Takin’ It Back comes out Oct. 21, also shared the most surprising thing she’s learned from being a mom.

“Parenthood totally changed my life. I love everything about it,” she says. “I was told before I became a mom that my life would change, and people almost made me feel like my life would be over. But truly I feel like the most amazing part of my life has just begun.”


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She couldn’t do it without her village, which includes her mom, brothers, and Sabara — whom she calls “a super dad” — but she also credits her “mom group,” which includes fellow celeb mamas Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale, who recently went on a getaway with Trainor.

“My mom group is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, because I never feel alone and I can ask them anything,” she adds. “They are always there for me.”

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