Get Your Teen the New BTS Funko Pop! Toys & You’re Guaranteed to Get the Cool Parent Award

Look, shopping for teens is never easy. Trends are always changing and kids can be so picky. We all want to be that cool mom who’s ahead of it all and knows exactly what to get their child, but it’s not always that simple. Guessing can sometimes be pretty stressful. If your kids are BTS fans, then they’ve probably already started begging you for the new BTS Funk Pop! Toys that will be hitting Amazon in a few months. We think they look pretty awesome and at such a low price, they’re a great gift for that teenage family member you never know what to buy. The best part? They’re available for pre-order now. These toys will officially be available on sale on September 23, however, you can preorder them ahead of time. With just how popular these have been in the past, we would definitely recommend preordering to guarantee you can get your hands on some.

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