Here’s What It Really Means If You Have A Libra Moon Sign

If you’re familiar with astrological signs, you likely know that Libras are represented by scales and known for their balance and commitment to justice (as well as their indecisiveness). However, if your moon is in Libra, it can mean something slightly different. What’s a moon sign, you ask? Let us break it down for you a bit.

Normally, when you think of your zodiac sign, you’re thinking of your sun sign. This refers to the position of the sun at the time you were born. Your zodiac sign is said to reflect your outward personality traits. Your moon sign, on the other hand, can reveal other aspects of who you are. According to Allure, your moon sign can reveal deeper personality traits — specifically, the way you respond to and are impacted by experiences. While your sun sign might impact the way you outwardly react to things, your moon sign reveals the thoughts you keep to yourself. If you’re curious to find out what your moon sign is, you can calculate it here (via Cafe Astrology).

Essentially, your sun sign is an indication of who you are on a surface-level, whereas your moon sign can reveal your inner self. So, what exactly does it mean if you have a Libra moon? Read on to find out.

If you have a Libra moon, you likely strive for emotional balance

Libras are known for being seekers of peace, justice, and harmony. Therefore, if you have a Libra moon sign, it likely means that these things drive your deepest emotions. This often makes it difficult for Libras to make important decisions. When faced with choices, says AstroStyle, Libras tend to take their sweet time, weighing each option and its consequences before moving forward. Making decisions to quickly is a source of anxiety for Libras.

One area where Libras are a bit more spontaneous? Shopping. AstroStyle warns that because Libras are drawn to the finer things in life, they tend to overindulge on life’s luxuries.

A Libra moon can also have implications for your romantic life. According to Allure, those with a Libra moon thrive in committed relationships, so they tend to be serial daters. However, a Libra’s obsession with romance can often consume them. AstroStyle says it can be as addicting as a drug for Libras. Once they find a partner, they become so obsessed with their relationship that it can be difficult to balance other aspects of life.

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