Jennifer Lopez Candidly Dished on Raising Teens, Discipline Styles, & Co-Parenting with Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lynn Affleck (née Lopez) is a fairy princess on the December 2022 cover of Vogue. The “On My Way” singer is dressed in a flowing red gown as she holds onto a tree branch, dress floating in the air. She is absolutely stunning and very much the legendary singer, actress, and dancer that we all know and love. But when she’s at home, J.Lo is simply Mom to her teenagers, 14-year-old twins Emme and Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony. The Marry Me star is also a step-mom to husband Ben Affleck’s three kids, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Now, the couple are one kid shy of their own Brady Bunch — and they are figuring out this whole blended family thing. J.Lo just dished on raising teens, disciplining styles, and co-parenting in a refreshingly candid interview with Vogue. We are hanging on to every word!

During her conversation with the outlet, she revealed that she and Affleck are teaching their kids about the importance of political and social issues.

“This generation is beautifully aware and involved and brave,” she told Vogue, “and they will call bullshit on stuff really quick. I want my kids to stand up for themselves and the things they care about.”

She encouraged her kids and all girls to speak up for themselves. “I want all the little girls in the world to get loud. Get loud!” she said. “Say it when it’s wrong. Don’t be afraid. I was afraid for a long time: afraid to not get the job, to piss people off, afraid that people wouldn’t like me. No.”

Yes, yes, yes!!! We love this advice — we want our daughters and our sons to not be afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Jennifer also gushed about co-parenting with Garner, calling her, “an amazing co-parent,” and revealing that she and Affleck “work really well together” to take care of the kids. Jennifer and the City on a Hill executive producer have reportedly “brought a lot of thought to the project of integrating their households, and they are learning about parenting from each other.”

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