Malformations in babies to give health expert puzzles

Babies, a Hand or a whole Arm missing – in France at least 25 newborn arrived in the past few years, with such a deformity to the world. The Strange one: 18 of them were born in the Ain Department in Eastern France. An unusual accumulation, the causes of which want to examine the French authorities now.

According to the Epidemiologist, Emmanuelle Amar, one of the mothers of the false-formed child in common: they all lived on the Land in the vicinity of fields where grain and sunflowers were grown. A possible cause for the disabilities of the children could therefore be an environmental factor, also acknowledged by the competent health Minister Agnès Buzyn. “Maybe it’s because of what these women eat, drink, or have inhaled.”

The investigation was complicated: “We need to investigate the history of families in cases that are sometimes ten years or more back,” says Buzyn. First results should be available by the end of January, a full report until June.

Some cases have been known for years

As the health authority announced that it had been recently eleven additional cases from the years 2000 to 2014, which occurred in the Department of Ain. Seven malformations were there already in newborns between 2009 and 2014 have been reported.

In addition, four cases in Brittany-Morbihan Region, between 2011 and 2013, and three more in the neighboring Region of Loire-Atlantique in 2007 and 2008 are known. Ain, Morbihan, several Hundred kilometres apart.

To the Deutschland radio, the Epidemiologist Amar lamented that the state is concerned, it is only now with the causes. She directs the French regional registers for antenatal malformations in Lyon. In this function, you have already been reported in 2011, several cases of Ain to the health authority. Then nothing happened, however.

Also animals could be affected

A separate investigation, the authorities should investigate Reports that calf and possibly chickens without limbs in the same three heavily agricultural areas were born. Environmentalists suspect pesticides as the cause.

Hospital statistics indicate that malformations occur on the limbs, in France, at around 1.7 children per 10,000 births. About 150 newborns a year. The causes are many and varied. They range from genetic defects through the taking of medications or drugs during pregnancy to toxic substances, which was exposed to the mother. The Unusual in the present case, it is the regional accumulation and that the children all have the same physical disability.

In the Fifties and sixties, up to 12,000 babies had come worldwide with severe malformations to the world, whose mothers had taken during pregnancy to sleep with the drug thalidomide, known under the brand names Contergan and Softenon -. As a consequence of the scandal was founded in France, the above-mentioned registers for recording birth defects.