Mindy Kaling Chasing Her Kids Around With a Sparkler Is a Peak Mom Mood

Let’s be honest: What mom hasn’t wanted to chase their kids around with fire every now and then? Of course, we wouldn’t actually want to hurt our little ones (duh!), but it does sound fun to flip the script on them, right? Mindy Kaling spent her Fourth of July doing just that — in a totally safe way, of course! — and it’s a peak mom mood.

“❤️🤍💙,” the Velma star simply captioned a cute video on Instagram set to “America The Beautiful” by Ray Charles. In it, she’s playfully dancing with a sparkler before she chases her daughter Katherine “Kit,” 5, around the backyard. The little girl dodges her mom’s sparkler by hiding behind a playset, so Kaling pivots.

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Her son Spencer, 2, comes out riding a tricycle, and she pretends to chase him before the video cuts out. It’s so cute!

Parents understood the light-hearted video — she wasn’t really trying to set her kids on fire, OK? One person commented, “This is joy ❤️.”

Another wrote, “Wonderful moments in the life of a child. 💙❤️🇺🇸”

“I can tell that you enjoyed the 4th of July,” someone else said.

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