One Redditor's Bizarre Feelings About Paying Grandparents for Childcare Has the Internet Divided

A grandparent’s role in caring for their grandchild is a frequent point of contention on Reddit. In fact, we’ve seen posts on the subject go viral every six months or so. In Oct. 2021, one woman on the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit couldn’t believe her retired parents wouldn’t babysit her children after she got a promotion. In April 2022, a grandma who worked full-time refused to babysit her grandchild on her days off and got a whole lot of backlash from her daughter. And in Dec. 2022, a mom just needed a moment to vent about how disheartening it is that neither her parents nor her in-laws will lend a hand. These caretaking conundrums always leave a messy comment section in their wake.

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