Reddit Is Playing Referee for This Brother & Sister Who Are Fighting Over a ‘Stolen’ Baby Name

Ready? Set… Fight! The ring is set, the boxing gloves are on, and Reddit is ready to play referee for a brother and a sister who are in an epic baby name fight. The problem is, these two are so evenly matched, it’s almost impossible to pick a side to root for!

In the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit, a 23-year-old woman wrote in about her twin brother and his pregnant 21-year-old girlfriend, who she claims “stole” her baby name for her future (still non-existent) daughter.

“Now I wasn’t happy about this, but I wanted to give them a chance to explain themselves, so I asked why they would give their baby that name,” she wrote, explaining that they chose the name “Amelia.” “My brother’s GF said that she has a coworker with that name, and that she loved it because of how unique and quirky it was.”

While no one should have to justify their reasoning for picking a name, this reason seems fine (although Amelia is the fourth most popular baby girl name of 2023, per TODAY). It’s not spiteful or anything, the brother’s girlfriend simply found a name she liked. However, choosing this name “really upsets” the twin sister — and she has a point, too.

“I was hoping to name a future daughter of mine ‘Amelia’ after a late childhood friend who passed away from cancer when we were 12,” the woman explained. “Her name is extremely important to me because Amelia and I made a promise that if she was going to pass away, I would name my daughter after her so that she can be remembered and would ‘officially’ be part of my family.”

OK, while fighting over a baby name is usually so ridiculous, this reasoning actually seems super valid to me. Especially because her twin brother already knew. “It’s even worse in my opinion, because this is no secret and my brother knows about that promise, and I have talked about it multiple times beforehand,” she added.

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