The Viral Amazon Coat Now Comes In Kids Size — But They Aren't Cheap

While there are thousands of coats on Amazon, there is only one “Amazon Coat.” Originally touted as the “Amazon Coat That’s Taken Over the Upper East Side” by The Strategist, it went from being a phenomenon in one Manhattan neighborhood to having over 7,000 reviews (and counting). It even made it onto Oprah’s Favorite Things list this year. And now Orolay, the company that sells it, has introduced a version for kids.

The jacket is unisex and comes in four colors: red, green, navy, and black. Sizes range from 4-5 years up to 11-12 years. It matches its adult inspiration almost exactly, including side zippers, pockets, and a fleece-lined hood. Like the women’s version, it also is filled with a mix of down and feathers and is wind- and water-resistant. And it’s already a best seller in Amazon’s girl’s coats category despite being, well, not exactly cheap. If you want to get your kids into what is surely poised to be a kidfluencer-approved winter item, it’s going to cost you $109.99. This might not be a shock to people who have been fans of the original Amazon Jacket. As Vox points out when tracking the rise of the coat, when The Strategist first reported on it, it was $89. Now, the adult version is $140.

The same Vox piece also discusses that the real appeal of the garment has less to do with it being a great deal but rather a great deal compared to what it seems to be drawing inspiration from: jackets from designers like Balenciaga. Even adults willing to shell out $100 for a designer dupe, however, may have some hesitation when it comes to nabbing a similar garment for children. And while the kid’s coat hasn’t been for sale long enough for reviews to roll in, the 4-star rating of the women’s version is revealing. There are lots of happy customers who can’t stop gushing over the coat, but frequent complaints have to do with the quality of the jacket. This is more a fashion piece than a heavy-duty winter coat. The mini-me possibilities are pretty irresistible, especially if The Coat is already hanging in your own closet, but if your kiddos need an actual winter jacket, you are probably better served investing in your kid’s warmth elsewhere.



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