Tia Mowry Shares Emotional Story About Her ‘Difficult’ Breastfeeding Journey & It Shows Just How Amazing Moms Are

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, and Tia Mowry is opening up about the “difficult” times she had breastfeeding her kids Cree, now 12, and Cairo, now 5. The Sister, Sister star shared a series of intimate photos and an emotional post on Instagram, and it truly showcases the amazing power of moms.

Mowry admitted that she “was struggling to breastfeed” her firstborn son, and ended up switching to formula when he was 3 months old. Thanks to the community she found on Instagram, she “learned a lot more about breastfeeding” from the “huge community of women who were all so supportive and encouraged me to continue on.” This led to her breastfeeding Cairo for 13 months.

Still, despite the longevity, it wasn’t easy. “Nonetheless, the journey was difficult,” she wrote. “I was pumping every 3 hours at work while working 14 hour days on set, and at times I would have to breastfeed on set as well. And after those long days, I would return home and to breastfeed Cairo.” Being a working mom and a breastfeeding mom is hard! You have to pump throughout the day so you don’t lose your supply, and it can feel so discouraging.

Things were especially hard for Mowry when she had to leave town. “Whenever I was traveling for work, I would pump extra milk so that she would have milk when I was away,” the Family Reunion star said. “My body was extremely fatigued and overworked, and at one point, I got mastitis which is a painful infection of the breast tissue and had to be hospitalized.” Ouch!


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Despite these challenges, Mowry continued on. “But even through the long days, and the hospitalization, I still didn’t give up,” she said. “I continued to breastfeed through the pain, and pushed through. If this isn’t enough to show you how badass moms can be- then I don’t know what else to tell you!” Preach it, girl! Moms are amazing, there’s no doubt about that.

She also encouraged other moms who struggle with breastfeeding, writing that it’s “more than okay to feed your children formula.”

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