An emergency C-section leads to childhood obesity

Elective caesarean section increases the risk of overweight in children. To such conclusion scientists from Singapore.

From expectant mothers, who choose elective caesarean section, then much more often children who are overweight already to his first birthday. These are the results of small volumes of a study conducted in Singapore, which showed another advantage of traditional childbirth.For their analysis, the investigators examined information on 727 infants born at two large Singaporean hospitals. 222 babies were born after caesarean section, 74 operations were planned, that is not carried out for some emergency medical reasons. The rest was extra cesaretini sections.

By kids first year of life in approximately 12% of infants had a history of excess weight, and 2% already had it, as the study showed. We passed through elective caesarean section women children twice as often were on the verge of excess weight, compared with babies from mothers who have gone through traditional delivery. The study showed that only elective caesarean section is associated with increased risk of early childhood obesity. Children born as the result of an emergency caesarean section, the risk of obesity precisely the same as those who were born in the traditional way.

The authors of the study remind you – science has proved that childhood obesity is quite often persists in adolescence and in adulthood. Previously, scientists have also linked a caesarean section with increased risk of childhood obesity, however, the current study showed that the probability of the development of obesity depends on whether the operation is planned or an emergency. (READ MORE)