Antibiotics prolong life and rejuvenate

Can conventional antibiotics to contain the elixir of youth? The study showed that these drugs extend life by wypracowania old cells that have lost the ability to divide.

Medications category of antibiotics can rejuvenate and prolong life, and not at the expense of the fight against deadly infections. The researchers argue that these drugs are able to discard the old cells that have lost the ability to divide. These cells are associated with age-related disorders.It is believed that such cells lead to a variety of deadly ailments, including tumors, cardiovascular disease and even senile dementia. The discovery by researchers from the University Salfordshire made on the basis of use of the medicinal product azithromycin, which treat a variety of infections, from gonorrhea to Lyme disease.

The results of this study are published in the period when humanity was faced with one of the greatest dangers in the history of modern medicine – a crisis of antibiotic resistance. Due to excessive use of these drugs, many bacteria develop immunity to them, so that caused by pathogens infection is impossible to cure by any medicines. The world health organization recently warned that if mankind will not do anything about this, then we are back in the era when tuberculosis, pneumonia, sepsis, and even syphilis was a deadly disease, steadily leading to death.

The researchers studied both normal and aged cells, subjecting them to the effects of antibiotics azithromycin and roxithromycin. It turned out that a single dose of azithromycin enough to destroy 97% of old cells. While healthy cells completely untouched. (READ MORE)

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