Cancer treatment accelerates aging and declining cognitive function

American researchers, the staff of the center of psychoneuroimmunology Cousins at the University of California in Los Angeles found that cancer treatment may accelerate the decline in cognitive function, and overall aging processes in the body. This conclusion was made by specialists after a follow-up of women.

According to a new study, in women several years after treatment of breast cancer, became more intense the signs of biological aging in parallel, which was also observed violations of cognitive abilities. According to scientists, they received “new information about the fact that after cancer treatment some patients may suffer cognitive function”.

The researchers analyzed data on 94 patients treated for cancer six years before the experiment. They looked after a therapy change indicators of biological aging and cognitive impairment. It turned out that due to cancer treatment and aging, and cognitive decline can yaratsa.

“Certain types of treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy work by damaging the DNA of cancer cells, but their effect can spread to normal cells, accelerating the process of aging,” reported the authors.
According to researchers, women who were treated for breast cancer, and also had low telomerase activity and high levels of DNA damage, were recorded accelerated cognitive decline. Their thinking and the quality of attention were significantly lower, deteriorated ability to concentrate.

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