Car noise makes you gain weight

Scientists representing the Institute for global health of Barcelona, came to the conclusion that the impact of road noise makes people gain weight. According to the journal Environment International, the researchers used different methods of analysis, but every time the dependence of the completeness and extra pounds from the road noise was obvious.

“Long exposure to loud noises related to vehicle noise directly affects how intensely a person gains weight,” stated the authors of the project.
Data scientists suggests that people living near major roads are prone to obesity. They are almost constantly exposed to road noise, causing the increased synthesis of stress hormones, which eventually causes people to gain weight.

Experts conducted an experiment involving nearly 4 thousand people. For the past 10 years, scientists have observed changes in the parameters of weight, body mass index and waist circumference in volunteers. They found that even a slight excess of the background noise in the region of residence causes people to gain weight and change their shape. Car noise often exceeds this allowance.

“Those participants who lived in areas where the background noise is only 10 dB was higher than normal (70 dB), the risk to get obesity increased by 17%,” the researchers found.
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