Created fitness bracelet for the diagnosis of depression

Scientists have produced a unique new fitness bracelet. He is able to diagnose your user signs of depression.

The market of fitness bracelets and sensors are constantly being updated with new devices. Traditionally, they monitor such parameters as heart rate, number of steps and amount of calories burned. However, scientists in the US have developed a new kind of fitness bracelet, having never before seen feature – the ability to diagnose symptoms of depression and anxiety. It’s not just about the bracelet, but also about the device that must be worn on the head. In other words, it’s something like a lightweight helmet or headband.

However, for a full health assessment the user should wear the bracelets on wrist and ankle, which will allow to simultaneously monitor the heart rate, the quantity of allocated sweat, respiration, and even the diameter of the pupils. All these figures carefully collected and analyzed by the computer, and on this basis the diagnosis. Today in Russia with depressive and anxiety disorders facing every sixth adult resident at some time. That is why this technology will have undoubted benefits to patients and doctors.

Statistics shows that many cases of depression go undiagnosed because people don’t understand that they became victims of this dangerous mental disorder. However, the characteristic physical symptoms of depression it is possible to pick up, and this device allows you to do it. And early treatment greatly increases the chance to reduce the duration of depression and improve the quality of human life. (READ MORE)