Curing cancer suggested explosive nanoparticles

Russian scientists -chemists from the ITMO University have proposed a unique method of treatment of cancer with special explosive nanoparticles. These particles are equipped with an active substance that is heated by the laser, and then explode inside the cancer cells.

On the development of Russian specialists writes the journal Bioconjugate Chemistry. Scientists say that the explosive nanoparticles allow to selectively destroy tumor cells.

“Nanoparticles are used for delivery to tumor toxins in the tumor. Also they are able to destroy cancer cells, microbes and viruses, drawing to it immune cells or heat near them. We have combined these traits in nanoparticles, their membrane disintegrates and releases the contents when the lighting of the infrared laser,” explained the researchers.
Chemists have tested the effect of explosive nanoparticles on bacteria – the tests were successful. Nanoparticles-grenades were able to deliver inside bacteria sugars. Thus, according to the researchers, this technology can be successfully used to treat cancer. Explosive nanoparticles are transformers: when heated by the laser, their structure is changing, and drug to attack the disease from within.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that scientists had successfully tested the method of treatment of cancer using the virus.