How long is unopened drugs?

Shelf-life of drugs: For example, Erkäswitching means fürs nämost of the year is a bad idea to repeal. After opening, you are often only limited usable

Caution: tablets from the Blister to take your durability to reduce

Juice and drop

Flüvinegars preparations against cough, such as SäRTD and drops, once opened, usually six months, AntibiotikasäRTD even just a few weeks. "As soon as flüvinegars medicinal products with oxygen come in contact, the effect until the end of the printed Verfall­date gewährleistet", Dr. Stephan Hahn, Apotheken&shy says;owner of Cuxhaven. "The Anbruch­date must be listed on the package."

Nose drops

Nasal sprays and drops are after opening only a few months used. The time period may vary depending on Präthe Council of Europe vary and is – as with all flülines of dosage forms – on the packaging and in the leaflet given. Also in this case, the following applies: the dawning of the date of the record. ­

In addition, nasal sprays and drops should always be used by only one Person. "Sprühkopf or Pipette in the nose with bacteria in Kontakt", erklärt faucet. ­"Another Person then used the Spray, it can infect." As the pharmacist d&uuml stresses, ;may nose sprays or drops to a maximum of a ­Week &quot be used: ;You fülisten to Gewörebellion and drying of the nasal mucosa."


Ampoules, the üabout be administered with a nebulizer, müshot after the Öopen immediately consumed. In Lösolutions in Mehrdosis­behäconditions are the manufacturer’s specifications to ­note. From light geschützt, keep in well-closed bottle, after opening, usually six weeks, Lösolutions for Inhalation with water vapour for several months.­

Eye drops

In Mehrdosisbehälter only four to six ­Weeks to use, as you lälong-term application of bacterial contamination and the eyes infect köcan.

Erkäswitching balms

Products with äessential Ölen should l&auml in use;nger as a zwölf months: the time verflüthe effective components of volatile. Creams köcan, also, in their fixed and flüsingle-level separate components. "The Zersetzungspro­products köcan the skin reizen", Hahn says. "Präpa­rate, the auffäcompletely look or smell, you are not likely to use."

Effervescent tablets

The antipyretic active ingredient Acetylsalicylsäure or the Schleimlöser Acetyl­­cysteine is often considered to be ­Effervescent tablets taken. You sind  sensitive to moisture and müshot against light, air and moisture geschützt will be kept in the original packaging. Only then you are up to the expiry date used. "Bloated or vinegar-smelling Brause­tablets gehören in the Müll", Hahn says. As the pharmacist d&uuml stresses, ;may also flüvinegars medicinal forms not üon the Ab­water will be disposed of.


In the original blister köcan solid dosage forms can be used until the expiry date. Up to that date the manufacturer guarantees the effectiveness. "Be taken all the tablets from the Blister and into metering boxes kept köyou can quickly lose a part of their effectiveness, especially if you have previously wurden&quot shared;, warns faucet. Verfärbungen and cracks indicate improper storage. Therefore, always before light and air geschüsupported in ungeöopened original blister store.


Also teas to lose their effectiveness and should, according to the ­­specified Verfall­date no longer be applied. In the case of open Heilkräutertee mixing, there is also the risk of Schädlingsbefalls. Erkältungstees as granules müsuch as effervescent tablets from light, air and moisture geschübe protected.

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