In Russia children with disabilities

In Russia in recent years has become more children with disabilities than on during a press conference in Kazan said the chief pediatrician of the country Alexander Baranov. According to the scientist, indicators of disability of children in Russia today exceed the figure of infant mortality.

Baranov said that Russia now has almost 700 thousand children-invalids from childhood. In addition, about 3 million children at risk for disability.

“Today at the forefront of the disability children. The saddest thing is that the decline in infant mortality we have a growing disability,” – said Baranov.
According to the main pediatrist of Russia, the fact that modern medical technology has begun to help doctors save infant life, are interrelated with the fact that children with disabilities became more.

“Those children who died before, we save lives, but sometimes, unfortunately, do not keep them health. And it is clear that these two phenomena are sometimes interconnected,” – said the academician.
Note that in the Kazan Congress “Pediatrics and children’s surgery in Privolzhsky Federal district”.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that in Russia will become easier to get disability. Recently, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin said that the simplification will concern the form, which is the main document for direction on mediko-social examination, – it will be translated into a format of electronic documents that will save citizens applying for disability, from postmanipulation for additional surveys.