Lovers of red wine less likely to get into hospital

A glass of red wine a day is really taking doctors work, as the study showed. It turned out that complete abstainers 11% hospitalized more often.

One glass of red wine a day may be enough to promote health, the study showed scientists from Harvard. Moderate drinking greatly reduces the risk of hospitalizations. Monitoring the health of 21,000 men and women from Italy have demonstrated that following a Mediterranean diet and consumed a small glass of wine of 125 ml per day people came to the hospital less often those who actively abused alcohol or do not drink a single drop. During the observation period there were 13 000 hospital admissions.

Never prityagivayutsya to alcohol 11% more likely to fall in hospital than those who allow themselves one glass. Previous studies also suggest that moderate consumption of red wine may be heart-healthy, as this drink includes components that reduce the risk of heart disease. However, doctors from Harvard medical school strongly emphasize that does not encourage teetotalers to start immediately to drink alcohol. But people who find pleasure in one small glass of wine daily, can not abandon this habit because it provides additional benefits to their health.

Note that research on this issue all the time come to opposite conclusions. Some of them prove that moderate drinking is beneficial and some say that alcohol in any amount negatively affects the body, completely sober people live longer and are sick less often. (READ MORE)