Obesity destroys the immune system and causes cancer

Victims of obesity more likely to develop cancer, since fat literally clogging up the immune system. To such conclusion scientists have come.

Victims of obesity more likely to develop cancer, because the fat clogs the immune system, as told by scientists.In General, obesity is one of the main preventable causes of cancer, and scientists are beginning to better understand how the extra weight is putting their influence. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the United States found that excess body fat impairs natural killer cells that we need in order to fight off tumors. These are the main “soldiers” of our body in the fight against cancer.

However, their slender ranks can be clogged fatty acids, which come from large reserves of subcutaneous fat. Although even after that killer cells are able to adhere to malignant cells, the process of destruction is slower or not happening at all. In other words, people with obesity natural immune processes in cancer cells is disturbed on the background of metabolic paralysis.

Today approximately one in 20 cancer in developed countries is caused by obesity. The epidemic of excess weight and is gaining momentum in Russia. That is why it is very important to watch her figure and keep her under control as it protects from the sometimes incurable malignant tumors, and many other insidious diseases. (READ MORE)