Parents of Russian schoolchildren are asked to deny the lessons of sex education

Public men in the person of parents of Russian schoolchildren appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with an open letter in which asked to forbid the lessons of sex education in schools. Such lessons, they believe, provoke an early interest in sexual life and dangerous for children.

The drafters of this document concerned about the state’s desire to impose the lessons of sex education for Russian students. In particular, they oppose the all-Russian lesson on HIV/AIDS, timed to the world day of fight against AIDS. In their opinion, these classes are entered under pressure from Western lobbies, imposed on officials and have children corrupting effect.

In this regard, parents of students asking the President to prohibit the practice of programmes for sex education in school education.

“Under the pretext of AIDS prevention in Russian schools lessons, in which children are being drawn into a discussion of methods of contraception and protection from AIDS, thus provoking an early interest in sexual life. As a result, the risk of HIV infection is not decreasing but increasing,” – said in an open letter.
Also parents of students are asked to prohibit to subsidize such educational programs related to sex education offered by NGOs and other projects. In total the letter was signed by dozens of parents and several community organizations.
Among the signatories was also a member of the Commission for the support of family, motherhood and childhood Public chamber of the Russian Federation Elina Harness.

“From the point of view of experts and child psychologists such lessons can contribute to the early sexualization of Teens, focusing on the subject of sexuality. This, in turn, motivates deviant behavior provokes sexual relations”, – explained his position the Harness.
In conclusion, the authors of the letter asked “to cancel the controversial program, clearing the information space, TV, Internet from corrupting content.”

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