The inhabitant of Tyumen has removed grown in the nose a tumor the size of a fist

In Tyumen the local resident had a tumor removed the size of a fist, which began to grow in the nose and flooded a part of the skull. Earlier a similar operation was performed in only one clinical center in the Moscow, Tyumen, however, the doctors after a consultation able to operate on the woman alone.

A resident of Tyumen went to the doctors because of her not held for a long time of headaches. After a MRI it became clear that the patient inside the nose grew a tumor the size of a fist, which at the time of contact occupied most of the inside of the skull and having to grow into the right eye socket.

According to doctors, the tumor is grown in the nose of the inhabitant of Tyumen, has provoked the development of pansinusitis entailing painful for the patient headaches. Remarkably, no external signs, like other symptoms of a huge tumor, in addition, was not. Fortunately for women, the tumor was at an early stage and did not have time to metastasize to other organs.

On the doctors, a decision was made to urgently remove raised at the nose area of education. Surgeons have exercised due skill, they were able to remove the tumor without incisions, through a puncture in the nose. It is almost a bloodless event, the tumor node was removed completely.

Immediately after the removal of the education headaches the patient stopped. Currently a resident of Tyumen, in his own words, feels great. Doctors say that removal of the tumor saved them the patient and possible blindness.

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