The jockey kicked the horse and it saved from cancer

21-year-old jockey Ryan O’connor kicked by a horse, but the young man sees it as luck. If not for the kick, the jockey could develop cancer, of which he was unaware. About this event told the newspaper The Sun.

A horse kicked the jockey while working in Australia. After the incident, the young man began to suffer from back pain. He decided to apply for examination to the doctor and during the examination he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

According to Ryan, the existence of cancer, he could not even imagine. He was in excellent physical shape, his health was also good – was just worried about back pain after the kick. But the doctor told the man that his tumor has reached a size of nine inches.

Jockey surgery, and after surgery he underwent a course of radiotherapy. Currently, the man is recognized by physicians is completely healthy, although he must now undergo regular medical examinations to make sure that the cancer has not returned.

Ryan made a paradoxical acceptance: he was glad that he was kicked by a horse. Had there been no kick and is injured, the jockey could not notice education and start the disease that threatened him with death.

“This type of cancer is one of the most aggressive rate of propagation, so it’s even better that I got kicked by a horse,” said jockey.
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