The Ministry of health for the reduction of caesarean sections

The Russian Ministry of health agrees with the who resolution on the reduction in the number of caesarean sections in childbirth and rejected their unreasonable conduct, – reported the Director of the Department of medical assistance to children and obstetrics, Ministry of health Elena Baybarina. Medical experts believe that a caesarean section can be harmful in the form of negative consequences for the health of women giving birth and their children.

According to Ministry of health, have becomes mothers the Russians in four mothers have one case of caesarean section.

“We support the resolution, who that should not unduly increase the percentage of caesarean sections. But unreasonably reduce, too, to fight for the sake of numbers (not worth it),” said Elena Baybarina.
Recently, the who released data showing an increase in the number of caesarean sections in childbirth. The experts of the organization stated: there is no sound scientific evidence that caesarean section can reduce child and neonatal mortality.

“Millions of women throughout the world put themselves and their children at risk by going through the process of caesarean section without medical indications, has practically nothing in common with evidence-based medicine”, – noted in the organization of health care.
Calling for a reduction in the number of caesarean sections, experts spoke about the fact that this procedure is associated with increased risk of hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care units, as well as an increased risk of developing asthma and obesity.

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