The new scalpel with a microwave will help to recover faster

New unique scalpel to help patients regain their health much faster. It also reduced the amount of scar tissue.

In medical practice receives the most recent achievement of the century technology. It is a scalpel that uses powerful microwaves to cut tissue without bleeding. There is a view that it can make a real revolution in surgery. This gadget, which is very similar to a laser scalpel of the famous sci-Fi film “Star trek,” makes the blood very quickly curtailed, thus the arteries and veins tightened almost immediately after they are cut. Scalpel directs the microwave energy between the two small blades for beam-forming, which cuts the skin, muscles and organs.

The researchers believe that it can help to speed the healing of wounds, cleansing them from the remnants of blood which so prevents surgeons during surgical operations. The development of this technology conducted by scientists from Japan. They compare the device on the power consumption of a microwave oven. But just the whole focus of this energy is placed between the small blades, which gives the scalpel the ability to so easily cut the tissue without causing excessive bleeding. Microwaves affect the water molecules in the tissue, so we are not talking about some burns and damage.

A scalpel can help to reduce the amount of time it takes patients to recover after surgery. It is also expected that after applying the scalpel on the body will be less scar tissue. Japanese scientists have already demonstrated their offspring to the dogs now begin testing on patients. (READ MORE)