The Russians were leaders in the number of deaths from alcohol and tobacco

Russians of working age are dying from alcohol and tobacco in such great numbers, what don’t die citizens of other countries. Two years ago, Russia took the third place in the top three leading countries with the highest mortality rate from alcoholism.

That the Russians are the leaders in the global list for number of deaths from alcohol and tobacco, said during a speech at the forum “Community”, the Deputy Minister of health of Russia Oleg Salagay. He explained that the global dimension of the order of 20% mortality in humans associated with the consumption of tobacco and about 10% mortality associated with alcohol consumption.

In Russia, said Salagay, the mortality rate correlates with the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, is significantly higher.

In September, the who released a report in which experts have predicted a serious increase in alcohol consumption, which they believe will occur within ten years. The organization stated that in our days the death rate from alcohol is higher than the mortality caused by such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

According to Medicforma, the most vulnerable to alcohol dependence among Russians are men. This cause is due a very large gap in life expectancy between men and women in Russia.