The shape type affects the opinion on the identity of the person

The type of person affects the view of others about his personality – this was done by American scientists, the arguments which published the Daily Mail. The researchers conducted an experiment in which participants had to form an opinion about people with different types of shapes, showing them in the photo.

The authors of the project, specialists from the University of Texas at Dallas, stated: the type of person affects the first impression of others about his identity. In favor of their opinions say the data of the experiment with the participation of 76 people, which showed a photo of 70 men and 70 women. About depicted in the photographs of the people needed to Express their opinion.

It turned out that my body type affects the opinion about a person’s personality – for example, in most cases, fat people are endowed with characteristics such as “lazy” and “careless”. People with broad shoulders, as well as people with pear-shaped figures seem to be around conflict and irritable.

In addition, the experts reported that the owners of non-standard types of figures produce the impression of a shy and reliable people. A preliminary study conducted by British scientists found a link between slim waisted and personal characteristics of women. It turned out that slim waist are most often inherent in the most healthy and successful women.

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