The surgeon took a healthy kidney for cancer

The doctor mistakenly removed a healthy kidney to a woman while not presenting the complexity of the operation on the back. He took this on for a cancerous tumor.

53-year-old Maureen Pacheco from Florida after the accident, which occurred a few years ago, for a long time suffered from pain in the lower back. She went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with the offset discs of the spine. The doctors suggested the woman surgery, which she agreed. The procedure conducted by experienced surgeon Dr. Ramon Vazquez, but it ended surprising on the nature of the medical mistake. After Dr. Vazquez cut the back, he took one of the women for kidney a malignant tumor. Even without conducting the necessary biopsy, Dr. Vasquez has removed this so-called “neoplasm”.

In this case, before the patient went through two magnetic resonance imaging, which showed the presence of pelvic dystopia of the kidney is an unusual generic defect in which the location of the kidney is displaced in the direction of the pelvis. However, Dr. Vasquez during the operation, told his colleagues that the situation is urgent and “tumor” needs to be removed. This was done, bringing Maureen to the end of his life to walk with one kidney after medical errors.

When the patient recovered from anesthesia, she heard the news and almost lost consciousness again from the horror. Note that all this happened in April 2016, but only relatively recently, the parties finally agreed on the amount of compensation, which amounted only to $500 000. In the US, where medical centers for this kind of medical error pay multimillion-dollar fines, the compensation looks cheap. Well, the woman will now have a life on disability. Maureen said that the pain in the lower back, she went to the doctors, so far she has not disappeared, but a new operation it is definitely not solved. (READ MORE)