Venezuelans with HIV drink cordials from the leaves instead of drugs

Experiencing a severe economic crisis Venezuela may face the AIDS epidemic. Local HIV patients do not receive necessary medications and now rely on tinctures from plants.

In recent years, Venezuela has faced a severe economic crisis, the crazy hyperinflation and chronic shortages of all imported from abroad, including medicines for people living with HIV. Magicforum reminds us that HIV can decades to keep undetectable level provided a daily intake of drugs from the category of highly active antiretroviral therapy. If the medication the patient gets HIV for several years can reach the level at which it begins to AIDS or irreversible destruction of patient health, leading to death within a few months.

However, the government of Venezuela today is not enough currency to purchase drugs for HIV, and they have to buy them for their own money. Naturally, most residents of Venezuela do not have such funds, so they seek alternative methods of treatment. For example, neprimena leaves of a tropical plant called Limon. For each dose, patients use approximately 50 leaves, which are mixed in a blender with water. Then strain and drink the resulting green liquid.

Needless to say that the effectiveness of such drugs is highly questionable, and their use by HIV-infected patients may face with the transition of HIV to AIDS. And it threatens Venezuela a full-fledged epidemic of the deadly disease, which steadily ends with the death of patients. And now in the hands of humanitarian organizations, the fate of tens of thousands of HIV-infected residents of Venezuela who do not have the funds to purchase essential drugs. (READ MORE)