Why patients lie to doctors

The JAMA Network journal Open has published the new study, which showed that the lion’s share of patients lying to doctors – as established scientists are such liars about 60-80% of all falls in the hospital. Researchers have discovered why patients lie.

The authors, employees of the University of Utah in salt lake city, argue that patients want to look as handsome in the eyes of the doctors and therefore lying, hiding the unpleasant truth.

“Why do people lie? Most patients fear that their doctors deem worthless, not able to make the right decisions”, – noted experts.
Scientists decided to find out how often patients lie to doctors about his health. Experts interviewed 2,000 people, whose average age was about 35 years of age and older Americans 2000. As a result, experts found that 80% of young men and 60% of pensioners are lying to doctors, hiding from them important information about health.

In particular, it was found that patients do not tell doctors the truth about eating, lying on the misuse of drugs or narcotics.

“Motives explaining why patients lie to doctors, but most of them are linked with feelings of shame or with an acute unwillingness to listen to the lectures of the doctor of the “wrong behavior”. Of these patients approximately 70%,” – said the researchers.
In addition, these data indicate that one-third of patients simply do not understand the essence of its diagnoses and do not follow the instructions they have been given by medical professionals. According to scientists, this is more true of women than men who were more conscientious patients and much more honest with the doctors.

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