15 percent of German young people are so-called risk-Gamer

In Germany, three million young people between 12 and 17 years of age play games regularly computer. The study, “money Games” of the DAK health and the German centre for addiction issues now that 15.4 per cent of young people are considered as so-called risk-Gamer. Are 465,000 of all young people to show, therefore, a risky or pathological gambling behavior and tend to Gaming Addiction. Indicators are: they are missing more often in the school, spend more money and have more emotional or behavioural problems.

1,000 young people were surveyed

For the representative survey, the Forsa Institute surveyed 1000 young people between the ages of 12 to 17 years of age. A novelty was that in this study, the risk of addiction, but also the spending for the games and tools were examined. Every fourth risk-Gamer was to play on the weekends five hours or more per day. Some risk-Gamer in a half year and up to 1000 Euro for the games and extra purchases.

15.4 percent of gamers show a risky or pathological gambling. So are 465,000 young people between 12 and 17 years of age are classified as risk-Gamer. Of these, 79 percent are male. 3.3 percent of those on show, in addition, a computer dependence with withdrawal game appearances, loss of Control or danger.

Excessive gambling leads to problems

The excessive Play can lead to problems in school. The study Director and addiction expert Professor Dr. Rainer Thomasius says: “Eleven per cent of the risk-Gamer missing within a month, a week or more in school or training. This is about three Times more often than in the case of inconspicuous players.“ In addition, it was found out that the victims have more emotional or behavioural problems. 21 per cent of the risk-Gamer to have a lot of Worries and Fears. In contrast, only six percent of unremarkable players report it. Differences in the concentration, motor restlessness and aggressive behavior recognize.

90 percent of boys and 50 percent of girls play computer games

According to the study, 72.5 percent of young people regularly play computer games, such as Fortnite, FIFA or Minecraft. While 90 percent of boys and about 50 percent of girls play. As the main reason of the game all of the young people surveyed “fun is important”.

As a consequence of the study, the DAK calls for a prohibition of gambling elements in computer games, the incentives to Play will always continue. In addition, warnings are intended to be used with game times and spending placed. The insurance company wants to strengthen its prevention and education in this sense.

Source: “cash for Games”-study