5 rules: nitro spray properly

In case of a sudden pain, a feeling of tightness in the heart area, a so-called Angina pectoris, a nitro spray quick help. This is a drug that is sprayed under the tongue and quickly for a better blood flow to the heart. What to look for, explains Dr. Hiltrud of the ti-MES to an in-service training for pharmacists in Schladming, Austria.

Doppelt gemoppelt: "For example, it is important to know that it takes two Sprays – one for traveling and one for Hause", so from the ti-MES. At best, the Spray is always &quot at the ready: ;Since most of the Angina-occurrence of seizures at night, must be placed a Spray on the bedside table. The other Spray, the Patient should carry at all times, to können&quot in case of need at any time rely on the;, the pharmacist advises.

Not to warm: another important aspect is the storage temperature must below 25 degrees Celsius. This in itself was nothing Special, since it applies to almost all drugs, so from the ti-MES. However, mainly men are wearing their medications are often in the pocket. "A nitro spray that is constantly carried in the pocket, can sein&quot in case of emergency, be ineffective to;, warns the pharmacist. Your Council: The Spray instead in the jacket pocket.

To correctly apply: the application consists of the Patient, if possible, or leaning somewhere, does not recommend the ti-MES. In Are Vera, you will not give it better.

"In Bedarf" instead of "in the Notfall": A further error was, that many patients use the nasal Spray only for pain and not know that you can also take it as a preventive measure. "Better than the term ’emergency medication’ would be the term ‘spray’, i.e., the Spray, the wird&quot taken when needed;, explains the pharmacist. Important: The Patient must be aware of the triggers that typically cause him to have seizures. A classic example of this is snow and chipping is Due to the cold weather, there is a vasoconstriction, which increases along with physical exercise and in the morning hours, the risk of Angina pectoris. Here it helps to take the Spray prophylactically.

Right dose: often is the dose is too low is selected, the white of the ti-MES. "You should take the dose between one and three strokes are kann", the pharmacist says Eutin and clarified: "The second Hub may be set after 30 seconds. The Patient should not react to it, can be given a dose ten minutes later. If the symptoms persist after 20 to 30 minutes, calls to the 112 – then it is a medical emergency."


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