A common mistake at the hospital-choice endangers your health – Video

The quality of a hospital arises mainly from the competence of the Doctors who work there. For the Success of an Operation, various other reasons are still crucial. However, the choice of Clinic patients often think only of one thing: convenience.

Whether blind gut, a knee – joint or cardiac SURGERY Who has surgery, hopes for the best possible treatment in the clinic. A survey of more than 1000 German citizens, however, shows that many Germans have other priorities. Because significantly more important than the competence of the Doctors, the location of the clinic was on to them according to the Online study. 40 percent of respondents named it as a decisive reason to opt for a hospital.

Location says nothing about quality services of the clinic

Christoph Herborn, medical Director of the Asklepios-clinics, says: “while It is understandable that data for a new knee joint or a gall stone OP go to the hospital around the corner, because they know the house and friends and relatives can visit. But it is dangerous nevertheless, if the patients give yourself with these most convenient solution to provides without question, the qualitative benefits of this clinic.“

Hospitals to publish quality reports, also health insurance help clinic search

After all, 38 percent of the respondents said that the qualifications of the Doctors in their decision-making process. However, eleven percent of the respondents had according to the survey, just a hospital report read. Hospitals are obliged to create such quality reports. They also contain the infection and complication rates and should serve the patient as a guide.

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Basically, a hospital, the following applies: The more often an Operation performs, the fewer complications occur. Herborn therefore recommends that the quality reports of the hospitals or at least the clinic signs that some health insurance companies willing, in the decision-making process.

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