A man can be on stomach surgery – years later, he has brain damage

More or less helpless, the 58-Year-old was taken to the University hospital of Michigan. He could barely move, had a confused and weak. That something was wrong with him, had known the Patient well for a long time: many years ago, only his feet had become numb, then the feeling had recognized the legs that failed him, again and again, the service. At some point he needed a Walker, which he dragged from investigation to investigation. The Doctors discovered neuropathy – damage to the nerves and motor skills problems. The cause, however, remained nebulous.

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“Over the last six to twelve months the Patient had noticed that he had difficulties to make a fist, and not with the right Hand could write,” recalls Imad Btaiche, a doctor at the University of Michigan. He and his colleagues took the puzzles stick together symptoms of the man in the journal “Nutrition in Clinical Practice”. Further investigation revealed a devastating picture: The man was severely malnourished, his body temperature had fallen to 30.7 degrees Celsius, the blood sugar level in the basement.

In the clinic, his condition deteriorated further, at times he fell into Delirium. A nuclear spin tomography revealed that many of the nerve fibers were damaged in the brain, called white matter, but the pattern did not fit neither a stroke nor to epilepsy. Infection was also not found, however, to a severe copper deficiency in the blood, which had apparently led to the nerve damage, and a General anaemia.

SURGERY with follow

A Detail in the patient’s history made the doctors sit up and take notice: The man had weighed up to ten years ago, 160 pounds. To lose weight, he had undergone a surgery called a Duodenal Switch. The procedure is considered to be very effective, but is more risky than a gastric band or gastric bypass. In Germany, surgeons perform the Duodenal Switch, therefore, rather rare. This reduces the size of the stomach, the duodenal separated the intestine from the lower pyloric sphincter, and further down again to the small intestine is connected. Because of the duodenal shall develop and circulate to the intestines the food pulp bile acids, and other secretions, which will begin after the rebuild, the digestion and absorption of nutrients first to the last gut-meters. So less calories are absorbed, but also less trace elements such as, for example, copper.

Although the 58-Year-old after his OP, various dietary supplements that had been swallowed, was he slipped over the years in a severe copper deficiency, the Doctors treated now with intravenous fluids. But only after a rehab, and months later he was better.

Obesity surgery such as gastric bypass or Duodenal Switch in this country is reserved for the severely ill, or extremely Obese with a Body Mass Index of more than 40. Nevertheless, the number of procedures for years, is on the rise. Around 15,000 per year will be more than 100,000 such Operated in Germany. The follow-up is time-consuming: on a Regular basis the patient will need to have your blood on all the possible nutrients investigate and make a life long vitamins, minerals and trace swallow elements – in order for the OP to compensate for the Abundance of food, ends not in life-threatening defect.

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