Are you constantly stressed? A Test reveals, whether, behind it, a disease is

Are you stressed or do you suffer from Burnout? Psychiatry Professor Joachim Bauer has developed for FOCUS Online a Burnout Test that will tell you.

Lack of recognition, pressure in the workplace, and frustration in one’s private life can burn out the Psyche. How high your personal risk is to suffer a Burnout, shows our Test.

Answer these 16 test questions, and learn more about your personal risk of Burnout.

Now Burnout risk test

Quiz start Test How high is your Burn-out risk? Question 1 Sometimes I notice, that to me is the people I work for, only on the nerves. Answers True True not
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Note the Burnout Test: Please keep in mind that it is only a short Test is not a psychological examination and diagnosis. He wants to show, among other things, what external conditions may have set the course for a Burn-out syndrome which physical and psychological signs typical for this disease. No matter what the result of the Test for you: If you have the suspicion, to develop a Burn-out, you should speak with a doctor or therapist about it.

Expert advice: Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Bauer, an Internist and a specialist for Psychosomatic medicine, medical specialist for psychiatry and psychotherapy, Director of the outpatient clinic at the Department of Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, University hospital Freiburg.

Burnout: A disease of modern society

Burnout is considered to be Suffering of a modern society: If people are doing a lot, but will have to be continually discouraged, increases the risk that the Psyche is suffering from a sustained and severe exhaustion reacts.

As a risk factor for it is also considered a high work load, especially if the employee has no room has, to his work individually to design. Particularly distressing is the service directly to the people, such as a nurse.