As the Brexit drive a man to madness

After the majority of the Brits voted in June 2016 for an exit from the EU, the life of a man from the joints. First of all, he spent a lot of time in social networks, where he is expressing his opinion on the political situation. He cares increasingly, because of possible racist Attacks. Similarly, a friend in the United States, with which it communicates.

The man always sleeps worse. When he goes to a doctor, get this rubs him a drug for sleep disorders, as well as an antidepressant. However, the mental state of the Mittvierzigers deteriorated in the following days. He feels persecuted, has hallucinations. He is convinced that people on TV and Radio talking about him.

One Night, he feels completely overwhelmed to choose which bedtime story he read to his children. Because in his mind there is a correct choice for the case he dies that night, and another right, if that should not happen.

Finally, he throws home with the objects themselves.

“To escape from this place”

In this state he appears three weeks after the Brexit Referendum in a clinic in Nottingham in the UK. The Doctors take him as excited and confused true. He tries to dig with his hands in the soil “in order to escape from this place,” he says. The man is hospitalized in the psychiatry.

Physical and neurological Tests deliver no abnormal findings, reported Mohammad Katshu from the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”. The Doctors diagnose a so-called acute schizophreni form of psychotic disorder.

Although the man had Stress at work and in the family, but they see the psychological Stress he suffered as a result of the Brexit Referendum, as an important triggering factor for the happiness of temporary disruption.

13 years earlier, the man had a similar Episode, which was, however, mild. Then trigger Stress in the profession, this had been environment.

Now the Doctors give him a sedative and a drug to counteract the psychosis of the man. The Patient is recovering. Two weeks later, he can leave the hospital. After he can reduce the medication dose until it settles, the Drug completely.