Baby is choking: policeman infant rescues with Sandwich handle

You can see in the Video: police officer saves Baby with the “Sandwich-grip” in front of the Stifle.

Dramatic footage of Sterling Heights in the U.S. state of Michigan:

A police officer saves an infant’s life.

The police officer is called to a desperate family.

Her three-week-old Baby not breathing.

The officials begin First aid measures.

He applies the so-called Sandwich-handle.

He places the infant face down on his forearm and knocks him with the flat of the Hand between the shoulder blades.

With success: The little girl breathes again and begins to scream.

Then the child is brought for examination at a nearby hospital.

“The officers not only saved the Baby, but the family is comforted in a remarkable way.” – Sterling Heights Police, Facebook

The Video makes it clear how important it is for parents and family members with First-aid measures for children to know about.