Best-selling author Sebastian Fitzek on early-born son: and He only weighed as much as a Tetra pack of milk

Sebastian Fitzek writes in his thrillers of monstrously mutilated corpses, Axtmördern and psychopaths. The books are selling by the millions. In the private life of the Berliner the author has experienced six years ago, a Situation that challenged his own nerves: the birth of his son, Felix, arrived eleven weeks early on the world. “He was incredibly thin and small and only weighed 1000 grams – as much as a milk carton,” recalls the 48-Year-old.

Author Sebastian Fitzek

“We had such a huge luck that Felix has survived the whole thing is actually so good. We would not have needed this happiness, if we had properly notified in advance,” says the father of three children, looking back. As an Ambassador of the Association “The early-born child” he wants to on the occasion of world prematurity day on 17. November, as many expectant encourage parents to learn about appropriate hospitals – just in case.

Fruit bubble burst in the 30. Week

“We had made absolutely no thoughts, but for the birth of a hospital that has no NICU,” says Fitzek. Finally, he and his wife had been completely carefree. But as the amniotic SAC in the 30. Week suddenly burst, had to make calls an er doctor long to find the hospital, the baby receives, prior to the 32. Pregnancy will be born week.

Extremely Premature Infants

Frieda, the youngest premature baby in Europe and actually had no Chance. Today, she is eight years old

40 weeks, a pregnancy lasts for normally. If a Baby ended up in front of the full 37. Pregnancy comes week to the world, then it is considered to be preemies. Around 65,000 of them, according to the Association “The early-born child” a year to the world – for example, every tenth child is a preemie. The rising age of mothers, but also the prosperity of phenomena such as hypertension and Smoking, and Stress are considered to be possible causes of early births. Also multiples increase the risk. “Why my wife is the fruit bubble burst so early, not,” says Fitzek we know today.

His son was with his weight, even as a rather unproblematic. “Under 500 grams and less than 24 weeks young. This is the absolute highest risk group,” says Christof Dame, Deputy Director of the clinic for neonatology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, Campus Virchow-Klinikum. Children who come with less than 24 weeks on the world, and therefore have a chance of Survival by 60 percent. “Of those who survive, a third well, a third with moderate problems, and another third survive with serious disabilities,” said the lady, in whose clinic per year, about 180 children are treated, the less than 1500 grams in weight.

Fitzeks son is an “absolute fighter”

“Choosing the right clinic can have a tremendous impact on how the early cells developed in the future,” stresses the physician. Also Fitzeks son, Felix, was treated by him. “A nurse was in the night in semi-darkness, that the skin of Felix was marbled,” recalls Sebastian Fitzek. The Doctors found that the resulting renal vein thrombosis, and were able to treat in a timely manner. “We owe this especially to the sister that had such an incredible experience,” says Fitzek. Other common complications such as a stroke or a brain hemorrhage were not encountered in the case of his son, fortunately. “He has no damages and is an absolute fighter.”


Premature babies are as adults, often fearful

The haunting appeal of the 48-Year-old to expectant parents is: “be sure to a NICU in your area and see how many children are treated there each year. The more, the better.” And: “Not only the experience of the Doctors, but also those of the sisters that counts.”

But where can parents find such information? The Internet portal “” a list of more than 200 centres for the births to high-risk pregnancies and premature births in Germany. Many of the data are from the point of view of the neonato Rainer Rossi lied to by the Board of Directors of the German society for perinatal medicine is for medical laymen difficult to understand. “The statistics in the performance reports of the hospitals are correctly read complicated,” says Rossi. He recommends gynecologists and obstetricians for advice.

Whether the high number of centers in Germany, is at all necessary, and a concentration on a few centres would not be useful, is discussed by Doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals in the Federal Joint Committee controversially for years. “We have in Germany a perinatal centre for about 4000 births, while in Sweden, a perinatal center serves about 20,000 births,” says Rossi.

In Sweden, the results for preterm infants were better than here. “You can’t safely copy everything is easy, but look at what you could take in Germany,” said Rossi. In some hospitals in this country currently, due to low births and early numbers and scarce personnel is key, not born to provide the necessary experience, around the clock, always.

Sebastian Fitzek wants to process his experiences on the neonatal unit may be in a book. “Here are the different people meet. It’s a matter of life and death, one is in an emotional state of exception”, according to the author. “The Research I would have liked but a little less intense.”

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