Better Sheeran sleep, thanks to Ed: This artist might make it easier to Sleep

Many people listen to dinner music, to find better in the bedroom. In an Online survey, more than 60 percent of the respondents indicated that they have heard music to fall Asleep. Classical music was as a sleep aid at the most popular, followed by Rock and Pop, the researchers report in the journal “Plos One”. For the German sleep researcher Hans-Günter – this is basically a little surprising. “Everything is relaxed what’s easier for us to Sleep,” said the Director of the sleep center at the Palatine hospital in Klingenmünster, and a Board member of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM). Music is one of many possibilities.

The Team of Tabitha Trahan from the University of Sheffield had made for adults on their planned investigation to the attention of such Social Media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter or via Email. A total of 651 people with finally made, the majority were from the UK. You answered online, among other things, how often and what kind of music you listen to to fall Asleep, why you do it and how you, in your view, music while you Sleep helps.

In the case of Bach, most of the people go to sleep, followed by Ed Sheeran

62 percent of the participants stated to have at least once been music to fall Asleep. Overall, the participants called 545 composers, singers or instrumentalists as a popular sleep aid. With 15 mentions the works of Johann Sebastian Bach were most frequently mentioned. Suitable for this, especially the classical music as a sleep of 14 music genres promoting perceived: Almost a third of the respondents gave the. According to Bach, the Pop-singer Ed Sheeran, and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with 13 nominations followed. Brian Eno, Coldplay, and Frédéric Chopin were more popular sleep aid.

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As the researchers report, have not suffered from all of the respondents under sleep disorders. They wanted to increase it by Listening to music however, your quality of sleep. As a further reasons participants gave to music physically and mentally relax and get away from thoughts to divert that would prevent you from otherwise falling Asleep. Also habit as well as a General passion for music were important reasons.

Representative Online study, not the authors. It is conceivable, for example, that have decided especially interested in music to participate. Whether, and if so, how strong this effect was, could you clarify with your study. What researchers do know is that more and more young joined as old people. This, too, could have influenced the results. Critically, it should also be noted that you can about the success of music as a sleep aid nothing statements because an objective assessment of the quality of sleep is lacking.

Those who suffer from sleep disorders, in addition to music, many other ways to help itself, says sleep researcher Hans-Günter -. Affected would have to find out for yourself what relaxation method is best suited. Popular methods are also fantasy travel, other, it’ll help to read. There is quite a research work on the topic of sleep and music, says Blind. “But in principle, it is important that we continue to provide you with ways that can offer a good Alternative to tranquilizers and sleeping pills.” The result from the fact that between one and two Million people in Germany are of such funds.