Check Out Your Favorite Celebrities’ Luxurious Cars!

Aside from having a comfortable house, everyone dreams of owning a car. Not just an ordinary car but we also dream of at least driving one luxury car in our life. However, the reality is that it’s incredibly difficult for us to drive one unless we’re earning millions of dollars.

That’s why we resort to our favorite celebrities fulfilling our dreams instead. Check out these famous celebrities and what luxury cars they can afford to collect and drive!

Sean Combs’ Phantom Drophead Coupe

The luxury car’s wood veneering and the avant-garde interior was based on his favorite sport of yachting.

The renowned businessman and rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs love to collect expensive cars as part of his hobbies. Among the luxury cars he owns is a legendary white Phantom Drophead Coupe car which is manufactured by none other than Rolls-Royce.

Last 2007, Diddy first introduced his Drophead Car and it’s one of the most expensive high-end car models with its retail price amounting to a whopping $443,000 according to the manufacturer!

David Beckham

One of the world’s most famous athletes, David Beckham also loves to collect cars aside from his love for Soccer. In fact, the Soccer superstar has collected more than 20 luxurious vehicles up to date. This includes his iconic Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

The car’s retail price amounts to $265,000. His customized Ferrari is also adorned with his shirt number 7. According to Beckham, the car serves as his memory when he once played for Manchester United and England.

Nicolas Cage

While the renowned actor Nicolas Cage is also an avid collector of cars, he has a slightly different taste compared to others. Cage loves to collect classic cars that exist in the past. This includes his iconic classic red Ferrari Enzo car. This luxury car is worth $670,000 despite its seemingly plain design.

Missy Elliott

Elliott revealed she had to fight against her car dealer just to get her ownership.

This renowned actress made the headlines for her hottest car collections and she never hesitates to flaunt it to the public by driving it. Among her luxury collections are a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, and Lamborghini Aventador, colored white. She spent an astounding $376,000 just to get her most-prized Aventador.

Jerry Seinfeld

This celebrity comedian has an insane love for his luxury cars, including the limited edition white 1986 Porsche 959. Seinfeld didn’t even hesitate to spend an astounding $700,000 just to acquire the said car.

Kanye West

Despite the controversies the renowned rapper faced due to his recent outbursts and controversial comments, the fans still admire West for his beautiful collection of expensive cars.

Kanye West proudly owns the limited edition of Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss. This luxury car was so rare in the sense that only 75 units were released worldwide. This means West is one of the lucky people to own such a rare car with a hefty price tag of $1.06 million! West thinks his investment is worth it though due to its stunning features.

Simon Cowell

This famous musician also loves to collect limited editions of luxurious cars like West. He recently added the Jaguar E-Type Eagle Speedster to his collection. He admits he fell in love at first sight when he spotted the rare vehicle on “Top Gear” U.K. version exhibit.

This Eagle Speedster is rarer than West’s Mercedes Stirling since the company only released three units worldwide! Cowell dropped an astounding $863,005 to own the said model.


Being married to a husband who is a car collector, Beyonce also fell in love with car collecting and the duo became unstoppable when it came to building their supercar collections. Among Beyonce’s treasured collection is the vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. What makes this car extra special to Beyonce’s heart isn’t just the whopping $1 million price, but the fact that Jay-Z gifted it to her on her 25th birthday.


Jay-Z’s love for collecting cars knows no bounds. Adding to his collection is the recent Maybach Exelero, a 2-seater car which can drive at a blinding speed of 200 miles per hour! The rap mogul bought this magnificent car with a mind-blowing $8 million check!

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