Christmas gifts: cinnamon – and vanilla-scented lure to Buy

Most of our daily decisions are made intuitively, even when shopping. German economists have examined the purchase decisions by certain aromas affect can. If it smells of vanilla, it could be a targeted Manipulation, so that buyers are opting for the more expensive product, so your theory.

In a study, the researchers of the Otto observed-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel animate flavors consumers to pick up the more expensive product. Their theory is that these warm scents to convey a feeling of Tightness, such as in a large crowd of people. Study author Marcel declared TERS of the faculty of economic science, how this affects the purchasing behavior: "In order to compensate for this feeling of dread and stand out from the rest, we buy status products – more the SUV than the compact car."

Christmas DüRTD animate purchase Luxury

In experiments, they were able to prove that test persons from a selection of coffee products chose rather a expensive premium product when they were exposed to a vanilla aroma. Prof., Marko Sarstedt, head of the chair of business administration with an emphasis in Marketing at the University of Magdeburg, says: "It seems to me plausible that these findings on the holiday season, in that it is cinnamon and caramel to typical scents for this time of year and we spend probably more money for gifts."

Tricks of the Einzelhäwarranty

Another Trick that will allow customers to animate, especially in the run-up to Christmas to Buy more expensive things: In the case of gifts, many people are uncertain and choose a product from the middle price segment. By very expensive products will be presented, is the idea of the "Golden Mitte" but moved to the top. "The companies know of course. That’s why they offer especially around Christmas, other products and change the prices specifically to a particular product to lenken", Sarstedt says.


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