Cinnamon helps to keep blood sugar in check

Cinnamon could be the case of people with pre-diabetes the progression to type 2 Diabetes, slow down. The close U.S.-researchers from the results of a study in the journal "Journal of the Endocrine Society" published have. As a reason for you to mention improved blood sugar control through the natural fabric.

Over twelve weeks, the study participants have taken either capsules with cinnamon or a Placebo. The researchers observed that, as a result, two improved for a pre-diabetes typical symptoms: The cinnamon supplements lowered the elevated fasting glucose value. In addition, the glucose content increased in the blood after carbohydrate-containing meals is less strong. The participants tolerated the cinnamon capsules, and there were no side effects.

Dr. Giulio R Romeo Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, summed it up: "Our 12-week study showed a positive impact of cinnamon as a dietary Supplement, on the stabilization of blood glucose levels in participants with prediabetes. The results provide the basis for a longer and more comprehensive studies to investigate whether cinnamon is the risk for the development of type 2 can reduce Diabetes."

The clinical study was carried out among 51 participants with prediabetes. In this metabolic situation of the blood sugar level is higher than normal, and it develops often, a type-2 Diabetes. Strategies to stop this progression, are of great importance worldwide, because it could improve the health of many people.