Coronavirus: Figures for all counties and cities and how they are classified

Note: The data in this article are updated daily

On the last article with data for the Coronavirus, many readers responded with suggestions, questions and critical remarks. The reactions have shown that Numbers have an emotional impact.

They are high, they sometimes overwhelming and scary, they appear low, you can convey the (sometimes deceptive) security. Both emerged from the letters. At this point, therefore, is important: A number alone is always only conditionally meaningful. For classification, it is usually more helpful to Pay in relation to a further value to look at. In the current corona of crisis about the number of Infected in relation to the number of inhabitants of a city or of a circle.

The fight against Corona

Everything to Stop: Therefore, the Isolation is our only Chance

The district of Heinsberg was, for example, in NRW, the number of infections on Wednesday, 25. March 2020, behind Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The million cities, however, are the three most populous German cities, while the district of Heinsberg, has about as many inhabitants as the schleswig-Holstein state capital of Kiel, namely, around 250,000. In the relationship came in the district of Heinsberg, on the said Wednesday, according to the Robert Koch-Institute, 391 Infected to 100,000 inhabitants, as much as anywhere else in Germany. For comparison: In Berlin, there were 37, in Hamburg, 69 and in Munich in 89. Since then the picture looks different again.

More information about the German circles and circle-free cities you will find a little further down in the first and second info graphic. There you can also see the values for your Home County or home town.


Two and a half days before symptom onset, people may be infectious

Figures for the Coronavirus: the dark number, and different sources

In addition, only the evidence found in the provided Numbers of cases of diseased again. The actual number of the Infected is expected in Germany and around the world, unevenly higher. You can find more information at this point. For best care of affected patients, it comes in turn on other factors – for example, on the number and availability of (ICU)hospital beds in a Region.

The data in the graphs below are from the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) or the American Johns Hopkins University. The two renowned Places, use different methods for the collection, deviations, what, and to cause confusion can. More about how the data are collected and why the results are different, read here.

Graph 1) infection in relation to number of inhabitants

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Tips on how to use the graphics you can by clicking on the button in the top between a representation as a map and as a bar graph switching. In the map view, you can according to their Home County to search. If you enter for example “bark” in the search form and the search result click zooms the view automatically and it is displayed a window with further information on the age and gender of the Infected.

In all graphs, the following applies: A click on the elements in the graphic displays an info window with additional Details.

Graph 2) Absolute number of Infected with the Coronavirus

In addition to the proportionate Numbers, the star is also an Overview of the absolute values. The difference was initially made clear. In the graphic below are available by clicking the detailed temporal developments in the individual counties and cities – even at home – is available.

Figure 3) distribution according to age and gender

In the following list, you can see how the number of the Infected are distributed in different age and gender groups.

Graphics 4) development of the daily collected Coronavirus cases in Germany

And to conclude: the curves. #flatten thecurve has become a Hashtag, and is practically a total social order. The goal: The development of the new infections in the time course of the extent to flatten out that the health system is not overloaded.

The daily numbers of recorded infections, can give an impression about how well this works.

Graph 5) development of the entire Coronavirus cases in Germany

The last curve shows the total number of the confirmed infections. That they are so steep in the height of shoots, is due to the fact that the number of non-linear (read: every day is constant), but grows exponentially (in the Background on star Plus: “Everything is on Hold: Therefore, the insulation is our only Chance”). On the Infected, the Convalescent and the deceased in the graph are found.

More Figures and graphics to the spread of the Coronavirus in Germany and in the world, you can find here.

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