Dissatisfied with the Penis? Penis enlargement – what works and what does not work

A lot of men think their Penis is too short, because they are based on the gigantic limbs of porn performers. However, the techniques for augmentation of SURGERY to injection are not ideal and ugly, can end side effects permanent arising – how the “Mandarin penis”.

  • By separation of the penis ligaments, the member makes are not actually longer, but only visually.
  • Injections with autologous fat and fillers can be deposited like a tank the size of the Penis.
  • Losing weight is the easiest and healthiest method so that the Penis can Shine again in its full length.

Around 3,000 penis extensions in Germany per year. The Figures come from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). This is a fifth of the world’s documented procedures. For example, every second man is in this country with his Penis rather dissatisfied . He should be larger, and thus more success with women, and stronger self-confidence as a gift.

Porn put men under pressure

“This desire plays in the 21st century. Century also warns the easy availability of pornography, a role that provides, especially for young, inexperienced men a false image of the man“, Christian bodies, head of the section of andrology at the University hospital Freiburg. As we know, porn are selected performer because of their penis length. But 95 percent of the men can’t keep up, you have a averagely long Penis.

Penis to measure something

A measuring device (erect, erect) and the average length of the Penis however, there are a number of statements. “In terms of the Penis by touching him behind the glans, in the unerigierten state boldly something moves to the front (stretched length), and then up to the glans tip measures”, clarifies Christian bodies.

An international study of 15,000 men showed that the average length of the German Penis is 13.2 cm.

So he is only about an inch behind the table leaders France and Scotland. Nevertheless, many of the men in Germany are ready to lay because of one or two centimeters more in Penis under the knife.

Micro penis extend

However, a penis extension/enlargement of these motives is at all serious? “This is problematic and in this area is medically difficult to justify,” says the andrologist. Only the so-called micro-penis that is seven to nine inches long, is considered a medical indication. However, this copy is very rare.

A common measure is to cut a 4-to 5-cm long incision at the base of the penis, the anterior ligaments of the member. “As a result, the Penis hangs flaccid state and up to two centimetres more to the bottom,” said Christian bodies.

Scarring after penile SURGERY will make the link even shorter

It is, however, only an optical extension. The Penis itself does not become longer as a result. However, may be restricted by the capping of the ligaments the stability of the erect Penis. “May it comes to scarring the separation cut, the ligaments tighten and the Penis is shorter than before,” warns the expert.

The real penis extension would have to affect all three of the corpora cavernosa

In order to extend the Penis in fact, it would theoretically be all three of the corpora cavernosa, and thus also of the urethra, treated, In the case of the two cavernous body of Penis this is only possible by erectile tissue-implants are used.Otherwise, the ability to have an erection is lost.

In practice, however, this is as good as impossible because the urethra, and nerves would have to be longer – and this is only very limited feasible. A maximum of 1 to 2 cm are obtained.

To extend the Penis significantly is impossible

“The fact is that there are really no good ways for the Penis to actually extend,” says the andrologist. Some plastic surgeons performed while interventions in this area, but some of them lacked the urological qualification should be a prerequisite.

Penis thickening with autologous fat or hyaluronic acid

Thus, the Penis increases in size, inject some Doctors fat or other Filler such as hyaluronic acid. To do this, you use of about fat from the Mons pubis of the patient and inject it under the skin of the Penis. “On one hand this is a good idea,” says the andrologist. Because often a fat belly blocking the view of the Penis. Is then removed by liposuction – , appears on the limbs better.

Dents on the Penis after the injections

The injection of the Penis may, however, lead to unequal distribution. “Misshapen dates and dents are possible,” says the urologist from the practice, if men seek after a botched penis thickening in the clinic Council.

However, the fat is well tolerated by the body at least. Differently it looks, if substances such as hyaluronic acid, silicone, petroleum jelly can be used. “Here it is experimented with many substances,” says Christian bodies. It can lead to severe allergies and rejection.

“Mandarins-Penis” after injecting Vaseline

He remembers a young man who came to injections with Vaseline in the clinic. The link looked like a tangerine. “The entire Penis of a three-centimeter-thick armor made of hardened tissue and massive inflammation, which was associated with severe pain moved,” reported the andrologist. In a three-hour Operation, surgeons attempted to peel the stiffness out, without injuring the sensitive structures of the Penis.

Penis enlargement by injection or SURGERY

Ultimately, all of these more or less invasive measures are not recommended, the verdict of the andrologist . In addition to the listed complications, it can lead to permanent changes in sensation, if, for example, nerves have been injured. Also, the erection may fail.

“Guidelines and scientific treatment concepts, there is neither the lengthening of the penis to penis thickening”, clarifies the expert.

Penis extenders, and creams for more volume and length

Also more gentle methods, such as Penis extenders, wherein the link hours is stretched, penis weights, creams and pills are not very effective. “Although the Stretching is actually a little more length to reach,” says Christian bodies. However, as soon as the Training is set with the devices, the Penis gradually returns to its original size.

Similarly, the treatment with tablets, as well as locally applied products such as ointments, creams, Gels and lotions “is not scientifically tenable,” says the urologist. Even testosterone helps here a little. Because the length growth of the Penis takes place in the puberty and is completed thereafter be irrevocable.

In the case of a supposedly small Penis, the advice often helps

Men who are dissatisfied with their Penis should be best to turn to a urologist with the additional designation of andrology. In the case of most insecure men, the advice is scattered all Fears, a study shows.

Could calm down men, the result of a California study with 50,000 participants: 85 percent of the respondents were women with the penis size of their Partners satisfied, however, only 55 percent of the men with the link. A lot of men put yourself under pressure and completely useless. In the end also applies to the Penis: quantity does not determine quality (during Sex).