Doctors offer Gutverdienern more self-pay services

Could the ultrasound examination of the ovaries maybe a Tumor to discover that would otherwise be hidden? Or would the measurement of intraocular pressure a green Star? And the tiny Chance of an earlier detection of the 20 Euro value that you would have to pay out of your own pocket would be?

Before these questions are asked, many patients for the respective examination, and self-involvement. Individual health performance, the Doctors lucrative business, in the short hedgehog. More than one in four Insured persons in the statutory health insurance physicians, have offered in the past year in Germany, Igel. This is evident from the current study, “supplementary Private benefits in the physician practice,” the Wido (Scientific Institute of the AOK), which was released on Tuesday. For the investigation of more than 2000 were interviewed Insured representative.

The customer, sorry, The Patient is king

The Problem is: The Use of numerous hedgehog is not scientifically proved. Therefore, the health insurance does not cover the costs. The Wido, half of all hedgehogs account for nearly the ovary ultrasound and intraocular pressure measurement. Eye doctors offer their patients, accordingly, seven times more frequently such Igel-services as a General practitioner, gynecologist five times more often.

Striking is that Doctors make their offers seem to necessarily depend on the age or the health condition of the patient. Crucial the purse is, apparently, because the higher the income of the patient, the more likely it is you hedgehog submitted-at: While physicians accounted for only 18 percent of patients with a monthly household net income less than 1000 Euro in the last twelve months, a hedgehog-proposal, were it in patients with an income of more than 4000 euros net per month, 35 per cent. “The leaves of the medicinal Benefits of many of these benefits in doubt,” says Klaus Zok, Director of studies in the research area of health policy and system analysis of the Wido.

Overall, the market for hedgehogs is offers high bills, according to a billion euros. Different diagnostic procedures and treatments such as acupuncture, Leech therapy, brain performance checks, and various ultrasound examinations include. The range of Costs for each of the offers is large: While some studies are already on the market for a few euros, ask Doctors for specific therapies, several Hundred Euro.

However, not all hedgehogs are useless. Travel vaccinations about a result in medical sense, but are not always paid by health insurance. For an Overview of the different Igel offers, the methods and their evaluations, the Medical service of leading associations of health insurance funds (MDS), the so-called Igel-Monitor. Are the Benefit and also possible harm to the hedgehog-rated. As a incorrectly diagnosed ovarian tumor, for example, may also draw an unnecessary Operation.