Eyes flu: causative agent of highly contagious, antibiotic, powerless – the best preventive measures

In November 2016, the grass is a real eye flu epidemic was focused in the area of Bonn. Antibiotics were against the adenovirus powerless, diseases of the respiratory tract, the gastro-intestinal tract or on the eye the result. Just the inflammation of the fascia and horn are high but the skin contagious.

The viruses are considered to be extremely resilient and highly contagious. For weeks after the outbreak of the infection, patients complain of symptoms such as clouding of the eyes light. The diagnosis eyes the flu the doctor must give the health Department report.

Eyes the flu: How am I me?

Most of the time the viruses are transmitted by hand contact, such as when shaking hands. A Diseased touched his inflamed eye, is a other then the Hand that touches then also to the eye, the probability is great that it comes to infection.

The same principle also applies to objects such as doorknobs, handrails or fittings.

How do I know that I have infected me?

First of all, an eye is red, then the eye is swelling. "Concerned have a foreign body sensation in the Auge", the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) is explained. Accordingly, the eye itches, watering it and is sensitive to light.

After the contagion of the offense, usually 5 to 12 days, until the disease breaks out. With the first signs of the disease, it is self-contagious.

How can I protect myself?

Hygiene is the A and O. That is, regularly and thoroughly wash hands. Patients not to come close. And a case of illness should occur in the domestic environment, be sure surfaces to disinfect.

What helps?

The only thing that helps in the diagnosis of eye flu is to Wait. There is no Drug that cures the disease. Relief, however, eye drops with the active ingredient cyclosporine.

In just four weeks, your stamina you can increase easily efficiently