Glossier Just Launched Its First Eye and Lip Cream Hybrid, and People Are Freaking Out

We’ll admit, sometimes it can feel a little foolish to dab eye cream around our peepers in the morning, since the texture and consistency basically resembles regular ole moisturizer.

You’re probably wondering: Is eye cream a scam? And the answer is, actually, not at all. The skin around your eyes (and lips) is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin on your face, so it requires special formulas that target common under-eye concerns—like bags, puffiness, and dark circles—and lip concerns, like chapped or dry skin.

Walk through any drugstore or Sephora (or better yet, browse Amazon’s massive selection), and you’re guaranteed to be overwhelmed by the large number of eye creams available. Yet, Glossier fans have begged the cult-favorite brand to put out an eye cream, and it seems that 2019 is our year—because Glossier finally listened.

Already a popular destination for beauty, skincare, and makeup, Glossier launched a highly-anticipated  eye and lip duo just last week, blessing all of us with a unicorn product that deserves a spot in everyone’s skincare lineup.

The ultra-hydrating cream—named Glossier Bubblewrap ($26;—gently plumps, moisturizes, and protects the delicate skin on our eyes and lips. Packed with mega-hydrating ingredients (read: squalane, hyaluronic acid, and avocado oil), antioxidant-rich blueberry fruit extract, and vegetable protein to help smooth skin, the lightweight formula gives your lips and under-eye area a glowy, smooth, and moisturized look. Also great? The silky-smooth, water-in-oil formula not only absorbs quickly into the skin (think: zero stickiness), but it also won’t annoyingly build up underneath your makeup. God bless, Glossier.

Believe it or not, the eye and lip cream multi-tasking product actually took a cue from a beauty industry hack of using eye cream on your lips. Bubblewrap was created thanks to fans’ requests for an eye cream, as well as the idea that eyes and lips should be treated similarly (since both are fragile areas that need extra hydration and TLC), Glossier shared in a press release.

Also interesting? It seems the brand took inspiration from its own plush packaging—the signature pink bubble wrap ziploc bags—which customers have said they find too pretty to throw away. Glossier fanatics have even used them as travel caddies and makeup satchels post-purchase. The new Bubblewrap eye and lip cream seemingly mimics the trendy pink packaging by acting as a cushion for the more fragile areas of your face.

Ready to tackle dry lips and puffy eye? After you cleanse and before you moisturize, use your ring finger to gently tap Glossier’s multi-tasking Bubblewrap around your eyes and onto your lips morning and night. Remember, you want the actives in the cream to be the first thing against your skin before serum, moisturizer, or makeup. All it takes is one pump for under-eyes and one pump for your pout, and you’ll notice a radiant glow instantly.

Like most of Glossier’s products, Bubblewrap is super affordable, priced at only $26 for a pump. Since you’re really getting a two-in-one product, you can invest the money you saved on another useful item, like the luxuriously hydrating Creme de Glossier ($35;  Glow baby glow.

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