Health insurance companies are demanding longer opening hours, even on weekends

The sore throat, the fever increases, and the cough has lingered: When patients feel the weekend sick, you need to decide. Should you go to the cashier, medical emergency, or even to the hospital or prefer to wait until Monday, if the doctor has office hours? When it comes to the statutory health insurance (GKV), and should remain, significantly more doctor’s offices are also in the early evening and on Saturdays.

“Diseases do not depend on the favorite hours of the Physicians,” said Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Shi head Association, Johann Magnus von Stackelberg. The physicians ‘ associations must provide a patient-friendly office hours.

On Wednesdays and Fridays closed on the afternoon of the majority of the practices, in the evenings and on the weekends, anyway, said von Stackelberg. “It is no wonder that more and more people go to the emergency rooms of the hospitals.” Currently, only about every fifth practice is open on Wednesday afternoons, on free days it is even less, found a survey conducted on behalf of the funds Association.

On Saturdays, only two percent of the respondents ‘ offices had opened. The Forsa Institute interviewed according to their own information 1400 General practitioners, pediatricians, and ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, gynecologists, and ENT Physicians. About half of the practices on offer on some days also office hours to 18 hours. After 19 hours it is only about every tenth.

If Doctors only offer 20 office hours per week, are likely to treat you in this time, no private patients or private services, continue to demand the funds. “For private additional business appointments and speaking must be offered by all hours,” said von Stackelberg.