Heart weakness: sports and movement are important

Many patients with heart failure, the fear that exercise may cause additional health problems. Studies of the University of Missouri mini pigs have now shown that targeted Training is also at the heart weakness is possible, and even the health of blood vessels improved. Especially the vascular stiffness decreased by Sport.

In comparison to the inactive pigs with a so-called heart failure is the health of the blood, improved blood vessels in the heart in pigs, which underwent a constant or an interval training, significantly. The type of training, as well as the intensity or duration were of less importance. Prof. Craig from the College of Veterinary Medicine said: "People with heart failure may not be able to do everything a healthy person can. We have found, however, that any type of physical activity is good for heart health, compared with a lack of physical activity."

Emter said that rigid blood vessels in congestive heart failure can block the flow of blood to the heart or affect and lead to a variety of cardiovascular problems. These vascular stiffness was reduced in the animals that had completed a workout. "We now have a better understanding of how the blood flows in the heart and how exercise on the heart health auswirkt", so Emter. These findings could, in his opinion, also for people with heart failure is useful, since the blood vessels and heart muscles of pigs, both structurally and functionally, are those of the people are very similar.